College Recruiting Information

The Hornet graduating class of 2015 had 10 players sign National Letters of Intent to play football at the collegiate level. Many other players are continuing to get good looks from college coaches across the nation. The Hiram Football Program will continue to strive to get exposure for our players while partnering with parents and players in the recruitment process. Coach Brown (Head Coach) and Coach Steele (WR Coach and Team Recruiting Coordinator) are the main team contacts when it comes to recruiting.
Here are a few high level tips we would like to share along with some important websites below you will want to visit and get familiar with.

  • ~ Start early!
  • ~ Your player can visit potential colleges online, where most will have a “Prospect Questionnaire” on the school’s football page. This is a great and free way to get on a school’s radar. Be prepared with player stats, grades, and basic contact information.
  • ~ Clean up your social media. College Prospect Questionnaires will ask for a player’s Facebook link and other social media connections. Coaches frequently google prospects. Remove inappropriate posts and be sure to tag and highlight positive sports, academic and volunteer events.
  • ~ Send your academic accomplishments, other sport victories, and volunteer activities (with pictures) to for posting to our Hiram Football Facebook and Twitter accounts. Exposure helps!
  • ~ HUDL account – each player has been assigned a free HUDL account. Players need to make sure all their contact information is current and up to date.
  • ~ Grades = opportunities! Please remember the NCAA has a minimum GPA requirement for core classes, in addition to specific college admission requirements.
  • ~ If you want to play college football, you need to take the SAT and/or the ACT during the Spring of your Junior year. You can then re-take the test in the Fall if you did not score as well as you’d like on a certain portion.
  • ~ There are many scholarship opportunities outside of D1. Consider all options. A full ride to a top D2 or NAIA school may be a better fit.


freerecruitinglogo1This is a very informative and free recruiting webinar that we would highly recommend both players and parents view. The Athlete/Parent webinar lasts around 60 minutes and covers topics such as Scholarship Myths and Facts, the NCAA and NAIA Eligibility Centers, NCAA Core Course Requirements, National Letter of Intent, Finding the Right School, and much more.


NCAA-LogoThe National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) regulates athletes of 1,281 institutions, conferences, organizations, and individuals that organizes the athletic programs of many colleges and universities in the United States and Canada. The NCAA has information online to help student athletes and their families understand all of the NCAA requirements and options regarding college athletics. Two good places to start are the NCAA Eligibility Center and the NCAA Eligibility Center Quick Reference Guide.


logoNAIA_new copyThe National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) is an athletic association that organizes college and university-level athletic programs. Membership in the NAIA consists of smaller colleges and universities across the United States. There are many athletic opportunities at NAIA schools if you are interested in playing football. However, they have academic standards as well, so you need to make sure you meet the minimum requirements to participate at the NAIA level.


NJCAA_Current_logo copyThe National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) serves as the national governing body for two-year college athletics in the United States and is the nation’s second-largest national intercollegiate sports organization (second to the NCAA). There are also many athletic opportunities at NJCAA schools if you are interested in playing football. There are academic standards that need to be met to play at a NJCAA school so please check into those requirements as you look into a NJCAA school.